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Click for bigger image - BURUFUNK March Profile:

[Curtis and Leaha Fallis]


Click to Listen to BURUFUNK's music!:
[ RA | WM ] Midnite Run, 2002 - Unreleased
[ RA | WM ] Outsider, 2002 - Global Underground 24
[ RA | WM ] Above and Beyond - [FREAKABOOM UK, 2002] - 12" Release
[ RA | WM ] Infiniti vs. Keith Mckenzie - Shadow [FUNK WAX, 2002] - Remix

Record Labels & Affiliations:
Navigation Records, Low Phat, Freakaboom, Global Underground, Insomniac, Nettwerk, Napzzz and AudioTherapy.

When and how did "Burufunk" come about and why?
Curtis: In '97, while stationed in Fort Bragg, N.C., I purchased my first sampler/sequencer and keyboard and started teaching myself the styles and techniques that I was into at the time. After a several months of late night sessions I came up with my first single "Freedom" and created the name BURUFUNK. After meeting Leaha last year, the BURUFUNK sound completely evolved into, what I would call, pure emotion. The reason I love doing this so much is the ability to share my passion with so many people on such a broad spectrum. It's really amazing!

How much have you changed musically since the beginning and why?
Curtis: If you have any of my older records, from '98-2001, you will hear an amazing transition into the sound that we are today. The first significant change came when I made the switch from traditional hardware sequencers and samplers into the computer world of writing music. I started using audio sequencing heavily in 2001 and things have only progressed from there. I'm now able to make new sounds and really fine detail my material more than I ever could before.

Leaha: For those of you that have kept a close eye on Burufunk in the past you'll probably notice that the music has taken a wicked twist over the past year and a half. Curtis and I hold two very different musical pasts. We inspire each other and test the limits of each others musical abilities each time we collaborate on a track. Being classically trained, I see music in notation format with melodies and orchestral accompaniments. I think before we came together he more of a straight edge electronic sound. Coming together as different stylist musicians we have created a very driving, yet earthy and unique sounding style of music.

Click for bigger image - Curtis of BURUFUNK performing What kind of music can we expect to hear from you two?
Leaha: You will always hear straight up Burufunk. We are true to our sound and feel that it is very unique in nature. Most people that familiarize themselves with our sound will be able to recognize who we are whether it be our breaks or house music. I think that it's interesting how we have basically cut ourselves off from the greater music world. For the past several months we have really been engulfed in our own music and not really searching for new music. We don't want to be hung up in the nu-school sound or for that matter, any other genre.

Who inspires you musically and/or otherwise and why?
Curtis: My greatest amount of influence of today would be my wife! She is the most talented and critical musician I have ever worked with. She pushes me to the limit! My early influences would come from Enigma, Depeche Mode and NIN. Some of my influence within the last few years would come from Josh Wink, DJ Icey, Hybrid, BT and Deepsky. There are so many other artists that I feel are simply amazing and have probably influenced me in some way, but I don't think we have the time to list them all.

Leaha: First and foremost, Curtis. I don't know anyone who can program as quick and precisely as he can. I just give my input and in a matter of minutes he has perfected the sound that was merely a figment of my imagination. Wow. As far as my musical roots, I would have to go back to my college experience. The piano sonatas of Chopin, Strauss, Debussy, and chilling opera arias of Puccini are some of my all time favorites. On the other end of the spectrum I am an avid fan of Om Records and the sexy styles of Naked Music.

Name two or more of your favorite tracks.
Curtis: This is actually kind of hard for me cause I love so much of the music, but I would probably have to say my all time favs are BT's "Orbitus Teranium" and Filter's "Take a Picture" (Hybrid remix). Ground breaking!!

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